(Photo Credits:-Jawad Ukani)

According to their website, they are small team dedicated to bringing affordable, fun and high quality products into the serious world of cosmetics.
Essence was started by Christina who wanted to make a different cosmetics brand with good quality and excellent price.
It was first launched in Germany and then distributed to other countries like U.S, North America etc. They won the Allure best in Beauty Awards.
Some of the products are hit and some of their are miss.


I like some of the products like they have very good mascara collection.

The Nude Highlighter is bid hit in beauty world.

I like their eyeshadow collection too but they are all shimmers and we have to use some other matt for creating eye look so their palettes are not enough for travelling but they are highly pigmented and easy to blend.

Their concealers are not so great but one concealer which is not at stores now in Canada is one of my favourites is Match to Cover cream concealer. It blends well and give good coverage.
The mosaic compact which I have shown in the picture is good enough to give bronzer affect on my cheeks but not for setting the foundation.
In Canada very limited products are available like we have no makeup brushes available and no foundations. If we want to purchase from website it will be too expensive with shipping.

Their liquid lipsticks are one of my favourites. They have very nice shades but i am not a fan of metallic lipsticks so i have only one which is in pink. I like the matt collection also. The shades are really good.

Their Gel eyeliners in pot is one of my favorite but the eyeliner pen is not good it dries up quickly. I was barely to use it 3 times so i think its waste of money. Their eyeliner pencils are really good.
Their nail polishes are so good i like all the shades specially gel polishes. The nail kits are amazing.
So overall i love the brand.


Let It Snow


DSC_0871(Photo Credit:- Jawad Ukani )

This is a month of snow. In Canada, winter has started and now it is snowing.
I like the month of December because it is Holiday season and Christmas and new year is celebrating around the world.
In the month of December everybody tries to stay warm sitting by the fireplace and celebrate Christmas.
But in this month malls are full of people because of the holiday and Christmas
Canadian winter can be quite harsh because of the snow the roads becomes slippery. But the conditions of roads is bad lots of roads have potholes and slippery roads do cause accidents if the drivers are not cautious.
Overall I love snow because this month is holiday and holiday day is family time so stay warm and enjoy coffee and hot chocolate with family
With love


Influenster Viva La Juicy Couture

20171121_155916_1( I received this VoxBox for free for reviewing and this picture is taken by me)

I received this VoxBox from Influenster for reviewing the perfume. The fragrance is inspired by “the glamorous girl who is always the life of the party”. Fragrance means sweet and pleasant smell or scent from fresh flowers, pine trees and extracts from earth.

This fragrance makes me feel as if I am in a Victoria’s Secret store because the smell is similar to what I smell when in that store. The scent is of wild berries, honeysuckle and creamy caramel. The fragrance remains all day long and that’s what I like about it and smells very fresh.

I got three samples of 1.5ml each and its full bottle is 100 ml for $110. I got it free of cost from Influenster to review but the opinions are my own. I would definitely buy this perfume in the future.

With love



Influenster Clubhouse VoxBox


(I received this VoxBox from Influenster for free to review and this picture is taken by Jawad Ukani)

I received Clubhouse quick organic and downright delicious VoxBox from Influenster for free to review on my blog.

In the box I got two flavours

  1. Organic biologique taco
  2. Organic biologique kung pao.

It comes in three more flavours like

  1. Organic biologique chilli
  2. Organic biologique garlic ginger
  3. Organic biologique fajita

I also got a 75c coupon in this VoxBox for trying the other 3 flavours. I love the flavours because it is easy to cook and saves time. You just follow the instruction and you are done. My family loved the flavours and I will try the other flavours too,  I am sure my family will like it.


Dollarama beauty and skincare haul with reviews

Today I am going to share my Dollarama skincare and beauty products. Some are hits and some are miss. so first I want to share my skincare items.


1. Facial brush from So clean and So fresh line from Global beauty care which I find very awesome. it is soft brush and clean gently your face and neck.

2. Cleansing makeup wipes from So clean and So fresh line. It is infused with cucumber juice which gives your skin freshness and cooling. it is super soft and remove your makeup gently.

3. Eos hand lotion which smells so good and soft your skin without greasiness.

4. Green tea wash off face mask from So clean and So fresh line. it is self heating clay mask which is amazing for cleansing your pores and gives your freshness.

5. Some sheet mask which I don’t like too much but if you have just want clean hydrating skin, then these mask for you. These are also from Global beauty care.

Then I want to review some makeup products from mariposa cosmetics. some are hit and some are miss.

1. Their eyeshadow set is really good but little fall out but manageable.

2. Mariposa nail therapy kit which I find really awesome for your nails at very affordable price.

3. Mariposa Sapphire eyelashes which I don’t like because it is very heavy for your eyes and the glue which is so bad it made my eyes watery.

4. Eyeshadow quad from Tigi cosmetics which I really love it is very pigmented, easy blend able and give you a nice look.

5.Wet and wild mascara is good.

6. Mariposa cream contouring and concealer palette which I find so patchy and greasy. difficult to blend

7. Mariposa blush contour and illuminating palette which I love most on my daily basis. it is powdery but very pigmented and blend able.

8. Mariposa illuminating and contouring powder palette is awesome find. easy to blend at affordable price.

9. Makeup brushes from Global beauty care are soft and great brushes I love them all. It looks high-end and comes in very cute packing.

10. Makeup sponges from Lori cosmetics is super soft and it comes in different colors and shapes at affordable price



Cover girl new foundation and liquid lipstick

DSC_1130_ppphoto credit: Jay photography (Jawad Ukani). The product I got from Influenster Canada for free to review

Today I am going to share a new foundation and lipstick. The foundation called Vital Elixir foundation by Cover Girl. It is infused with vitamin E, B3, B5 plus SPF 20 for correction, protection and perfection.

It is very hydrating, beautiful and buildable coverage that glides smoothly and gives a flawless look. it comes in multiple shades from light to deep.

You can apply it with sponge or brush, dab a small amount and apply. it gives a nice and smooth finish for a whole day.

The foundation and lipstick was sent to me to review by Influenster Canada for free.

The lipstick is called cover girl melting pout liquid lipstick in shade 105-Gel ful. The shade look beautiful after application. the color is very saturated and is light weight with a satin finish. Its a gel based formula to give a smooth finish which I prefer because my lips are so dry. So I think its really worth the money and I really recommended to those who love makeup within budget.


Making Medium Coverage Into Full Coverage Foundation

Urban Decay the velvetizer Translucent Mix- in Medium


They suggests that you mix liquid foundation with loose powder to make full coverage foundation.

I thought of trying this technique with the foundation and powder I have to see if could work with any foundation and powder, and it did.
The method to do this is:-

Mix two drops of liquid mix with little powder. Mix it well and smooth like one. Apply it on your face with sponge or brush.
I tried this method and applied it and was out the whole day and most of the time under the sun.
When i came back home in the evening, the foundation was intact and my experiment was a success.

MORNING                                                AFTERNOON