Making Medium Coverage Into Full Coverage Foundation

Urban Decay the velvetizer Translucent Mix- in Medium


They suggests that you mix liquid foundation with loose powder to make full coverage foundation.

I thought of trying this technique with the foundation and powder I have to see if could work with any foundation and powder, and it did.
The method to do this is:-

Mix two drops of liquid mix with little powder. Mix it well and smooth like one. Apply it on your face with sponge or brush.
I tried this method and applied it and was out the whole day and most of the time under the sun.
When i came back home in the evening, the foundation was intact and my experiment was a success.

MORNING                                                AFTERNOON


D.I. Y Strobe cream, Illuminator or Highlighter

( All photos taken by me and all things are purchased by me)

Looking your best in photos is a common feeling for all. There are lots of illuminators and strobe cream in the market which are very expensive. I have a very affordable tip to share with you. I am going to share how to make a highlighter or strobe cream at home in two ways. One with face primer and the other with moisturizer which should be a little thick to hold the pigments.

The things you need to make: –

Face primer

Makeup pigments (any color which matches your skin)

Pearl eyeshades (optional) crush it and make a powder of it.

One small jar to put your strobe cream

Mix face primer 1 Tsp. with little amount of pigments or

Mix moisturizer with pigments


D.i.y Moisturizer


Photo Credit by Jay photography at borealis photography

Hydration is an important factor for keeping skin youthful. To get the full effects of healthy, hydrated skin, you need to have a balance of oils and fluid. Everyone skin needs fluid and oils in their skin which means women of oily skin can still be both dehydrated and lacking oil where your skin need it without applying moisturizer, you can actually make matter worse.

For best result, use moisturizer in morning and night after toner (or serum) if you are using as I mentioned in my post before.

Things You Need 

1 tbsp. Coconut oil

1 tbsp. Cocoa butter

1/4 tsp Vitamin e oil

10 drops Frankincense oil

10 drops Lavender oil or your favourite essential oil of your choice


Heat and melt coconut oil and cocoa butter. After cooling a little add Vitamin e oil  essential oil and whip until it looks like whipped cream.


Ramadan Recipe

FB_IMG_1465574052952The word Ramadan is derived from Arabic word for intense heat scorched ground and shortness of food and drink. Ramadan is also called Ramazan and Ramadhan. It is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. It is Holy month for prayers,fasting, charity giving and self accountability for Muslims around the world.

Fasting during Ramazan is the fifth pillar (duties) of Islam. The fast is broken with payers and a meal called “Iftari” after sunset. Muslim also recite the Holy book Quran in this month.

I am going to share my favourite Ramazan recipe which is full of fresh and dry fruits. You can also add your  favourite fruits.


Cantaloupe- 1 cup

Apple- 1/2 cup

Papaya- 1/2 cup

Chickoo- 1 cup

Pineapple- 1 cup

Banana- 1 cup

Oranges without seeds- 1 cup (slightly crushed)

Corn flour- 1 1/2 tbsp.

Sugar- 2 tbsp.

Water- 1 cup


Cut all fruits in cubes and mix together and keep aside.Take 1 cup of orange and pineapple juice (you can use canned juice) and add 1 cup of water and cook in a saucepan pan with 2 tbsp. of sugar. When sugar is dissolved add corn flour mixture ( mix corn flour with little water). When mixture becomes medium thick remove from stove and keep till it cools down, then add fresh fruits in it and keep in the refrigerator. Garnish with dry fruits and serve.



Monsoon Essentials

monsoon essentials

The cool breeze and drizzling rains replaces the hot weather everywhere, but in my city spring has been quite wet due to rain.

Colorful umbrella,raincoat and rain boots is just not enough these days. If you want to stay stylish and comfortable in rain your handbags, watch, mobile cover and wallet should be water resistant.

Trendy raincoats are in fashion these days specially plastic trench coat is another essential for rain.

Rain boots, open toe plastic shoes are the best mates for rain. They comes in beautiful colors and prints.

Umbrella is also an essential accessory for rain. They foldable into a pretty small size which you can keep in your handbag. They also comes in different colors.

Right accessories make a proper fashion statement.

Having waterproof makeup will keep your makeup intact.




Clay Masks

clay masksPhotos taken by me and clays you can purchase from from the links

There are lots of different clays available in many different colors and varieties. Some are light and smooth and the others are heavy and gritty. The powdered clays we’ll work with are quite absorbent making the fantastic for mask where you just add water, apply and let it dry.

There are lots of clays available like Bentonite clay, Brazilian clay, French green clay, Kaolin clay, Rhassoul clay, Fuller’s earth clay

Bentonite Clay
Bentonite is one of the most popular clay and comes from naturally occurring volcanic ash sediments. It is one of most powerful healing clay. It is used for healing acne prone skin and wellness. Bentonite Clay

Brazilian Clay

It comes in different  colors like yellow, purple, white, red, brown, and pink. It is all used for soap colorant. These clays are mined in Brazil and used in cosmetic industry. It exfoliates, cleanses, detoxifies and minimizes the pores in skin.

White clay is rich in silicon and has high affinity to water. It is used in cosmetics.

Brown clay is full of vitamins and minerals like copper and selenium. This is where it gets its rich color. It is good for skin cleansing because it has strong ability to absorb oil.

Red clay is used for toned the skin with greater elasticity.

Yellow or Gold clay is also remove impurities from the skin.

Pink clay is used in level the Ph balance of the skin. It gives a softer and smoother effect to the skin.

French Clay

It has enormous absorbent powers due to the constitution of its micro molecules. It also absorb oils, toxic substances and impurities from your skin. Its toning action stimulates the skin. It is also called sea clay. It is used in cleaning blemishes and spots on your skin. French Clay

Kaolin clay

The most versatile and easily applied clay that is commonly found in standard  skincare preparation and cosmetics. It is very fine and light clay that has natural absorbency. It is for sensitive skin. It purifies pores and detoxifies skin. It reduces oil and cleanses skin. It is used as facial cleanser. It helps stimulate skin circulation and it gently exfoliates. It can be used for dry skin without negative results. (Kaolin Clay)

Rhassoul Clay

It comes from Arabic word Rassala means to wash. It is rich clay blends extremely well with water making its application to the face and skin a smooth and delightful experience. It is found in fertile Atlas mountains in Morocco. It is used in a variety of spa treatments and personal use.

It also called lava clay because it is Stevensite clay that has been formed from volcanic lava. It is suitable for all types of skin. It helps in reducing inflammation without irritation and drying the skin. It helps in smoothing, exfoliating and tighten the skin. (Rhassoul Clay)

Fuller’s Earth Clay  (Multani Mitti)

This clay is widely used as a skin lightening agent and is best known for its ability to be applied as a facial bleach. It is used for oily skin. It draws oil from the skin and has been used industrially for the same purpose. It is very strong clay it is used with Bentonite clay for giving best results. It improves elasticity. It removes dead skin. It treats acne and removes scars. (Fuller’s Earth Clay)


Beauty tip

.20170428_122025You can buy all ingredients from from the link which I mentioned in my post

D.I.Y. Facial Cleanser

Today I am going to share affordable d.i y facial cleanser you make it at your home for flawless skin. All ingredients have many benefits like turmeric is antiseptic, almonds contain vitamin e which is antioxidant which helps in preventing cell damage and it hydrate and soften the skin. It also prevent the skin from sun damage. Sandalwood powder helps to treat black and white heads and  skin eruption. It is also natural astringent. Neem powder moisturize the skin well. All you need

 Turmeric powder -1/2 tsps..

 Almond Powder -1 tbsps.

Neem Powder -1 tbsp.

Sandalwood Powder -1 tbsps.

Water- As per your need

Mix all dry ingredients well and add little water to make a paste. This paste should not be runny. If your face is oily mix with rose water instead of water. For dry skin add milk instead of water or if u have sensitive skin use good quality Lavender water or (Mogra )Jasmine water.