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My skin is very dry in winter

but after every use of Blue Therapy Red Algae Uplift my skin feel

moisturize, hydrate, smooth and glowy. I tried several creme in winter

but this is the best creme I used. I love the fragrance which is light and

pleasant. The texture is soft and smooth


Favourite Of The Month

dav(All products are purchased by me and photo credits @beautystylemama)


Today i am sharing two amazing products from Pixi beauty

!. Pixi Skin Treats Glow tonic

2. Pixi Skin Treat Glow Mist

Pixi Skin treat Glow tonic is for exfoliating and it is alcohol free for smoother, brighter and clear skin.

It never dry your skin like others so i like this in my skincare routine. it is a botanical extract which nourishes your skin and aloe Vera and ginseng treat your skin as well.

It is not tested on animals according to the company.

The second one i used Pixi skin treat Glow Mist, which gives instant  luminous glow and smooth skin. It keeps skin hydrated. It refreshes your makeup and you can use it in hair as well for healthy glow.

It protects and nourishes your skin with 13 natural oils plus Propolis, aloe Vera and fruit extract for healthy youthful skin.

These products are for all skin types so love these products.


Beauty Subscription Boxes

Photo_1516566890505(All pictures taken by Jawad Ukani at Borealis Photography)

There are lots of subscription beauty boxes in the market. I have tried three of them which are Ipsy, Boxycharm and Glossy box.

So I am sharing my personal experience and opinion about the subscriptions.



Currently I am only using Glossy box. I have unsubscribed Boxycharm and Ipsy but it does not mean I don’t like them but I wanted to try other subscriptions boxes also.



lets talk about Ipsy first, Ipsy is sample size glam bag of 14.95 USD. Some product samples are really enjoyed and some are not. you can personalized these products according to your choice. But I think when you purchased something from the websites or Sephora they send or give you samples so with shipping it turns out expensive for me to pay for sample size products.


for Boxycharm I cancelled this box after one month because I found the wait was too long for the box to reach Canada, so I cancelled it but the all products are full size and it 21 USD monthly.


finally I want to talk about Glossy box. the content of this box are all full size. occasionally they send you coupon or sample product as a gift and it cost 26 USD which is really worth it so I like and enjoy the high-end products in the box.

But its all your preferences what you like or what is your convenience. But these subscriptions are good for the price.



Affordable Makeup Dupes

Some brands are expensive for some people but they loves makeup so I tried to find out some affordable dupes of expensive brands.

I have mentioned in some of my Instagram post, YouTube and blog that I love Essence cosmetics because it is affordable with good quality.

I found one “Make Me Glow” liquid highlighter and  “Make me Glow” bronzer is a dupe for Benefits cosmetics “Sun beam” highlighter and bronzer.

Personally I always try to use affordable brands because they are in your Budget and easily available at drugstores.

The liquid matt lip-gloss is like smash box liquid lipstick so I think the colors are really dupe.

Next I want to share two eyeshadow palettes from Beauty Glazed from Aliexpress


“Impressed me” is a dupe for Jaclyn Hill Palette and Second one is a dupe for Huda Beauty Textured shadows palette Rose Gold Edition. So I really impressed with the quality, blending and the colors. it is really worth to try.





(Photo Credits:-Jawad Ukani)

According to their website, they are small team dedicated to bringing affordable, fun and high quality products into the serious world of cosmetics.
Essence was started by Christina who wanted to make a different cosmetics brand with good quality and excellent price.
It was first launched in Germany and then distributed to other countries like U.S, North America etc. They won the Allure best in Beauty Awards.
Some of the products are hit and some of their are miss.


I like some of the products like they have very good mascara collection.

The Nude Highlighter is bid hit in beauty world.

I like their eyeshadow collection too but they are all shimmers and we have to use some other matt for creating eye look so their palettes are not enough for travelling but they are highly pigmented and easy to blend.

Their concealers are not so great but one concealer which is not at stores now in Canada is one of my favourites is Match to Cover cream concealer. It blends well and give good coverage.
The mosaic compact which I have shown in the picture is good enough to give bronzer affect on my cheeks but not for setting the foundation.
In Canada very limited products are available like we have no makeup brushes available and no foundations. If we want to purchase from website it will be too expensive with shipping.

Their liquid lipsticks are one of my favourites. They have very nice shades but i am not a fan of metallic lipsticks so i have only one which is in pink. I like the matt collection also. The shades are really good.

Their Gel eyeliners in pot is one of my favorite but the eyeliner pen is not good it dries up quickly. I was barely to use it 3 times so i think its waste of money. Their eyeliner pencils are really good.
Their nail polishes are so good i like all the shades specially gel polishes. The nail kits are amazing.
So overall i love the brand.


Let It Snow


DSC_0871(Photo Credit:- Jawad Ukani )

This is a month of snow. In Canada, winter has started and now it is snowing.
I like the month of December because it is Holiday season and Christmas and new year is celebrating around the world.
In the month of December everybody tries to stay warm sitting by the fireplace and celebrate Christmas.
But in this month malls are full of people because of the holiday and Christmas
Canadian winter can be quite harsh because of the snow the roads becomes slippery. But the conditions of roads is bad lots of roads have potholes and slippery roads do cause accidents if the drivers are not cautious.
Overall I love snow because this month is holiday and holiday day is family time so stay warm and enjoy coffee and hot chocolate with family
With love